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Mediation to Support Families through Life Transitions

Mediation is a way for family members to make decisions together and to resolve disputes without going to court. As a mediator, Honey Hastings facilitates a dialogue among family members to improve communication, make decisions, and avoid continuing conflicts. Together, you can make the decisions for your family.

Mediation can help with all sorts of family situations, including:

Honey Hastings, experienced family and divorce mediatorSince 1995, Honey Hastings has helped hundreds of New Hampshire families make decisions for themselves. She supports families navigating transitions, thus improving and preserving family relationships.

Is your adult family facing decisions such as can mom or dad stay in the home, should jointly-owned property be sold, and how to handle end-of-life issues?

Is your family facing divorce or separation decisions such as the appropriate parenting schedule, what to do about the home, and what are fair financial arrangements? Mediation, not court, is the place to make these decisions.

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