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Care of elder parents

Siblings may differ about whether it is safe for mom or dad to drive or to stay in the family home. Mediation allows open discussion and decision-making. Healthcare professionals, such as the parent's primary care provider or a geriatric case manager, can supply information that helps in decision-making.

Is driving the issue in your family? The car keys are symbols for freedom and independence to the elder. Car use is also an important practical matter. Without it, how will mom or dad get to doctor's appointments and to community activities? Will the responsibility fall on one sibling?

As modern medicine extends life expectancy, many families are facing decisions about care of an elder. What is appropriate medical treatment? Is the home safe? Would a paid aid work? Should the elder be living with a family member, or in a senior facility? Is the elder able to care for personal needs and finances?

During mediation, your family can explore care options and find a solution.

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